Band is Horrible! - DIRECTORS Only! Expansion Deck

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Band Is Horrible - Director's Expansion Pack. More Snark, Less Trumpet, Please!

Let's just say it: band directors can be horrible people.

Who can blame them? They have to deal with that one damn freshman. They have to figure out why that mute is sticky. They have to wait until after school hours to get "band director drunk."


This red-band expansion deck is meant to be shuffled into the main card game to create a decidedly more mature gaming experience. There's cussin', y'all. Hide it from the kids —someplace they won't ever look. Maybe their instrument locker?


Expansion Deck Details & Specifications

  • 54 high quality, 300 gsm, glossy question and answer cards
  • contained in a branded tuck box that matches the Band Is Horrible game
  • game dimensions: 3 1/2” x 2 1/2” x 3/4”, 4 oz.
  • contains profanity, sexually explicit descriptions, and references to alcohol. It is adult in nature and is intended for players age 18 and older.
  • All expansion cards have a red banner across them on one side so they are easy to distinguish from the regular cards. When shuffled together, they look the same, but when held facing you the difference is obvious. That makes it easy to quickly separate the expansion cards from the regular ones.





Why is this mute sticky?

When I am Director, I’ll finally take my revenge on _____.

Last night I had a dream about _____.



rehearsals at the asscrack of dawn


being unsure if it’s a real come on, or if Band Mom just wants her kid to get a solo




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