Pro Band/Swing Band Folder

  • Pro Band/Swing Band Folder
  • Pro Band/Swing Band Folder
  • Pro Band/Swing Band Folder
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  • Specially designed to hold loads of charts
  • Extra deep pockets
  • Hanging pencil pocket
  • Durable 3mm hardboard


A Band Music Folder that holds a lot of sheet music.


These professional band folders have extra large accordion pockets to hold loads of charts. The pockets are 1⅜" deep for almost 3" of music, compared to the Classroom Band folder's ½" deep pockets.

The Pro Band and Classroom Band folders are made with the same materials, and to the same quality standards. The only difference is that the Pro Band folder has extra deep pockets. If you don't need to carry a three inch stack of charts with you, then you might like the Classroom Band folder better.

The Pro Band Folder also has reinforced metal corners that don't come off. Triple thick steel with six biting teeth, electroplated with copper, then brass.

You get a hanging pencil pocket that will fit more than one pencil. It's preferred by band members as it is easy to access when the folder is closed on the floor next to you.

Folders are 14" high and 13" wide (when closed, of course).

Pro Band folders are available in any color that you want, as long as you only want BLACK. And, after all, most players do.

They look great on stage, and can be customized with your band's logo. Instrument names can be stamped on the folders, usually in the upper right corner of the front cover. There is also a clear plastic pocket to slide a name card inside. It fits a standard business card, so if you don't want to spend the extra for custom embossing, you can still keep track of whose folder is whose.

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