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We began manufacturing Deluxe Choral music folders in 2002. After founding The Missoula Community Chorus in 2001 we realized the need for a better, all-around choral folder. After all these years our DELUXE Choir Folder is still our best-selling favorite. After listening to customer feedback, we developed the ROYALE Choral Folder. The ROYALE Choir Folder has an upgraded luxurious cover, and was the first folder to feature our high-density plastic hinge in the spine (also available in full leather, as the MAESTRO). This allows the folder to open nearly flat on a stand or keyboard. Even more iterations of Choral Folders have followed. We now have six variations of choral music folders that feature our ComfortHold® Hand-holding system! The PERFORMER Choir Folder is the lightest weight full-sized folder, and our newest variation, the ChoirBinder has been hugely popular with Youth Choirs and school groups, and the ANTHEM Choir Folder is perfect for octavo size music.
Be sure to compare our folders carefully to other brands – our music folders have more features at every style and price point. Several competitors have even started calling their folders by our names! MyMusicFolders are the better music folders.

Choral Folders

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  • MyMusicFolders

    Deluxe Choir Folder

      We are sorry, the Deluxe folder is out of stock until June 5th. If you need folders asap, Please check our STANDARD choral folder, with an added 3 Ring adaptor. You will save a little cash, and have your folder much sooner! A music folder with...

  • MMF-Standard Choir Folder, Open


    Standard Black Choral Folder

    From the makers of the original Deluxe black choir folder also comes the original Standard black choral folder, newly updated to be even lighter and trimmer. Long lasting, durable, comfortable. Simple to use, holds sheet music for...

  • MyMusicFolders

    Choir Binder

    Choir Binder NEW, smaller profile ChoirBinder. With a large 1" diameter 3 ring binder, ComfortHold hand strap system, expandable pockets, and more! You asked for it – Introducing our newest choir folder, the Choir Binder. Made with our...

  • Choral folder with bottom strap, pencil holder and elastic cords to hold music


    BASIK Black Choir Folder

    The Basik Black Choir Folder is a low cost alternative to our premium quality MyMusicFolders Standard Choir Folder. 1 elastic cord, woven through aluminum hinge to create 10 music retaining strings. Back hand strap for holding with one hand Bottom...

  • Performer choral folder standing


    Performer Choral Folder

    The Performer choral music folder. A very lightweight choral music folder, designed specifically for performance. The double hinged spine folds square to fit books and large scores. Features The Performer choral music folder weighs only 13 oz...

  • MyMusicFolders

    Classroom Choir Folder

    A quality Classroom choir folder that protects your sheet music. Value priced alternative. Embossing available. These folders are a beautiful alternative for choirs that memorize their music for performance. They are value priced and don’t...

  • MyMusicFolders

    Anthem Church Choir Folder

    Anthem Folder Features The Anthem Church Choir Folder is a smaller, sleeker folder designed for churches whose choral library consists of anthems, octavos, or subscription hymnals, such as the “Breaking Bread” missal. The Anthem Church...

  • Detachable bottom strap allows for adjustable opening angle


    Choral Folder - Royale

    Our top of the line choral folder has a more ‘leather-like’ feel, high scratch resistance, and a more eco-friendly manufacturing process, made with polyurethane leatherette. The Royale choir folder has 12 octavo cords and comes with a...

  • Choir folder with 3 ring adapter and two expanding pockets


    BASIK Music Binder

    The Basik Music Binder is a low cost alternative to our premium quality MyMusicFolders Choir Binder.  Basik Choir Binder with hand strap and permanently attached 3 ring adapter. They have a pebble textured cover and are made of...

  • BASIK Music Folder with reinforced metal corners and pockets for sheet music


    BASIK 2-Pocket Music Folder

    The BASIK 2-Pocket Music Folders are a low cost alternative to our premium quality MyMusicFolders Classroom Folders.  These folders are like the classic two pocket music folder. They have a pebbled textured cover and are made of paperboard,...

  • Maestro Leather Choir Folder

    MMF Maestro Royale The Maestro leather choir music folder made from top grain Napa leather. Luxuriously makes performing easier. Holds with one hand. This unique choir folder is the best folder money can buy. Features Made from top grain Napa...

  • MyMusicFolders

    Accompanist/Conductor Music Folder

    Both your accompanist & conductor deserve a nice folder as well! The Accompanist/Conductor music folder opens entirely flat on stand or keyboard, and features 2 full expandable pockets, 2 pencil holders, a name card & sleeve, and a permanently...

  • Deluxe folder with 2 embossing placements

    MyMusicFolders Music Folder SECONDS

    Music Folder - Second Quality 50% OFF Base Price.  No Quantity Discounts or Educator Discount available. These folders are perfect in every way, but usually have a superficial blemish or a mis-imprinted embossing somewhere on the folder. Some...