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90-Day warranty against manufacturer's defects. Satisfaction guaranteed :-)


90-Day warranty against manufacturer's defects. Satisfaction guaranteed :-)




The Performer choral music folder. A very lightweight choral music folder, designed specifically for performance. The double hinged spine folds square to fit books and large scores.


The Performer choral music folder weighs only 13 oz. but can hold a whole concert of music. It boasts 10 elastic cords, or add an extra set of elastic cords and have room for more music.

This efficient choral music folder measures only 12.5"H x 10"W x1.75"H and so is compatible with most Wenger Folio Cabinets.

The rounded pockets have accordion gussets on the sides, to allow for the very compact size and help make the folder super light weight.

The hand strap on the spine and stabilizing strap on the bottom make this choral folder easy to hold securely with one hand. The hand strap is nice woven webbing, not plastic!

The bottom strap is detachable and has two snap positions: 90 degrees and 110 degrees. If room on the risers is tight, use the 90 deg. snap, which keeps the folder open at 90 deg. If not, spread out a bit wider with the 110 deg. snap as space allows.

The Performer choral music folder with 10 elastic cords will make holding your music while you are performing easy.

High density plastic ‘living hinge’ is lightweight and comfortable in your hand. If you are looking for a folder that will lie completely flat, perhaps the Choir Binder, Accompanist, or Classroom Choir folder will work better.

Note: This folder is pre-drilled with holes to allow a 3-ring adaptor to be permanently riveted into the spine of the folder. This will allow a non-removable 3-ring adaptor along with some elastic strings, something not available elsewhere. If you are looking for a performance choral music folder with only a 3-ring adaptor check out the Choir Binder.

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