Choral Folder - Royale

  • The Royale lies virtually flat on stands. Great for conductors
  • Detachable bottom strap allows for adjustable opening angle
  • Choral Folder - Royale

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Our top of the line choral folder has a more ‘leather-like’ feel, high scratch resistance, and a more eco-friendly manufacturing process, made with polyurethane leatherette. The Royale choir folder has 12 octavo cords and comes with a simple-to-remove 5/8" 3 ring adaptor. The hand strap on the spine and stabilizing strap on the bottom make the folder easy to hold securely with one hand.

The bottom strap has two snap positions: 90 degrees and 110 degrees. If room on the risers is tight, use the 90 deg. snap, which keeps the folder open at 90 deg. or if not, spread out a bit wider with the 110 deg. snap. The three ring binder is easier to remove and re-attach thanks to the new elastics design.

High density plastic ‘living hinge’ is lightweight and allows the folder to lie mostly flat (Not really intended to be used on a music stand or piano). Has two expanding pockets for loose sheet music. Clear vinyl window to hold program notes, and a clear name card pocket.

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