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  • Accompanist/Conductor Music Folder


    Accompanist/Conductor Music Folder

    CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.  call us for pre-order (888) 266-0731   Both your accompanist & conductor deserve a nice folder as well! The Accompanist/Conductor music folder opens entirely...

  • Anthem Church Choir Folder


    Anthem Church Choir Folder

    Anthem Folder Features The Anthem Church Choir Folder is a smaller, sleeker folder designed for churches whose choral library consists of anthems, octavos, or subscription hymnals, such as the...

  • Detachable bottom strap allows for adjustable opening angle


    Choral Folder - Royale

    Our top of the line choral folder has a more ‘leather-like’ feel, high scratch resistance, and a more eco-friendly manufacturing process, made with polyurethane leatherette. The Royale...

  • Classroom Band/Orchestra Music Folder


    Classroom Band/Orchestra Music Folder

    Classroom Band/Orchestra music folders, done in the classic style of sheet music folder, in black and colors, heavy duty, with metal corners, and sturdy pockets, sized for band and orchestra...

  • Add a custom logo. We will make a magnesium-aluminum die plate with the image of your logo on it. We will keep it on file for any future orders you might make. There is a one-time $45 charge for making this. We require high quality black-and-white art work for the die making process. If you do not have that we offer graphic services to help achieve a good image. Our services are $65/hour. We also recommend an art service online at They can often fix up your logo so it is a black-and-white vector graphic, perfect for making a die. Vector graphics are much preferred for this purpose. If you have access to a graphics professional, please specify a vector file.

Please order the quantity of embossing that you want folders embossed. i.e. if you just ordered 20 folders and you want them all embossed, put 20 embossings in your cart now.


    Embossing - Custom Logo

    Add Gold Foil Embossing of Your Custom Logo - please upload digital art (see details on the folder product page),  The same on every folder - your School, Church, Group logo or crest.  Most...

  • Individual Name
font shown: Goudy Old Style 36 pt on a Band Folder


    Embossing - Names/Instruments

    Add a Gold Foil Embossed Personal Name or Instrument Name Embossing is now ordered from the folder's product page. Please look for the embossing option and a dropdown menu on the folder pages where...

  • Repeated Text = Same imprint on every folder
font shown: Goudy Light 36 pt, ALL CAPS


    Embossing - Repeated Text

    Add Gold Foil Embossing of your text, same on every folder (Quantity discounts apply) Your School, Church, Group Name.  Most often placed Front Middle Center, although can be placed anywhere on...

  • Embossing - Sequential Numbering


    Embossing - Sequential Numbering

    Add Embossed Gold Foil Sequential Numbering to your folders. Usually placed in the Upper Right Hand corner of the front cover. Default is to begin at 01 and number upwards. Just let us know in the...

  • Maestro Leather Choir Folder


    Maestro Leather Choir Folder

    MMF Maestro Royale The Maestro leather choir music folder made from top grain Napa leather. Luxuriously makes performing easier. Holds with one hand. This unique choir folder is the best folder money...

  • Choir Folder with Hand Strap


    MyDeluxe Choir Folder

    A music folder with some handy features, a new and updated version of the original Deluxe Choir Folder. NEW Adjustable hand strap for easy one handed holding Three ring...

  • MyPad Folder holds tablet in balanced center position


    MyPad Folder

    Features That Make the MyPad Folder Ideal for Singers Traditional look black cover material with brass-plated steel corner protectors. ComfortHold adjustable hand-holding system fits all...

  • MMF-Standard Choir Folder, Open


    MyStandard Black Choral Folder

    From the makers of the original MyDeluxe black choir folder also comes the original MyStandard black choral folder, newly updated to be even lighter and trimmer. Long lasting, durable,...

  • Performer choral folder standing


    Performer Choral Folder

    The Performer choral music folder. A very lightweight choral music folder, designed specifically for performance. The double hinged spine folds square to fit books and large scores. Features The...

  • Pro Band/Swing Band Folder


    Pro Band/Swing Band Folder

    Specially designed to hold loads of charts Extra deep pockets Hanging pencil pocket Durable 3mm hardboard   A Band Music Folder that holds a lot of sheet music. Features These...

  • The flaps at the top help to keep music from falling out if the folder is turned upside down.


    Professional Orchestra Folder

    Our Pro Orchestra music folder is a perfect blend of Euro design and practicality. Features These European style professional orchestra folders are sized to hold symphonic scores. Folders are...

  • Classroom Choir Folder


    Classroom Choir Folder

    A quality Classroom choir folder that protects your sheet music. Value priced alternative. Embossing available. These folders are a beautiful alternative for choirs that memorize their music for...

  • Loops fit over 1 or more "fingers" in the spine of your folder.
Use 2 loops to secure a 3 ring set into a folder (at the top and bottom)


    MMF elastic loop for 3-ring

    Folder - elastic loop for 3-ring So, you took out the 3 ring adaptor and now you want to reattach it but you lost your loops?! Here they are - better get 4 so you have a back up set for next time.......

  • Choir Folder Elastic Cords (set of 6)


    Choir Folder Elastic Cords (set of 6)

    Extra elastic bands for the Deluxe, Standard, Royale, Performer, and Anthem choir folders. Stretchy enough to fit most folders that hold music using the elastic cord system - throw out that long...

  • Replacement Brass Corner protectors


    Replacement BRASS Corner Protectors (set of 5)

    Have you lost your Brass? Stay # !! Brass plated over durable steel, with super-strong gripper teeth, these Band Folder corner protectors do the job. Make your folder all shiny again :-) 4, plus a...

  • Choir Folder Octavo Holders (sets of 10)


    Choir Folder Octavo Holders (sets of 10)

    SET of 10 Octavo Music Holders Octavo holders are used to secure your octavo sheet music in three ring adaptors in Deluxe Choir Folders, ChoirBinder, or Royale Choral Folders without having to...

  • 3x5 Clear Vinyl Sleeve (Index Card)


    MMF Press-On Vinyl Envelopes

    Press-On Vinyl Envelopes 3"H x 5"W (Index Card size) opening on the 3" side OR   2"Hx3.5"H (Business Card size) opening on the 2" size   Customize your music folder with clear...

  • MyChoir Binder


    MyChoir Binder

    MyChoir Binder A large 1" diameter 3-ring adaptor is riveted in to this folder featuring the ComfortHold® adjustable hand strap system, expandable pockets, and more! Made with our beautiful PVC...

  • Treble Gig Bag


    Treble Gig Bag

    This musician's gig bag is the perfect size for a hectic rehearsal day, or a gig-away. Large enough to hold our choir and band folders, water bottles, cough drops, pencils, sticky notes and tabs, and...

  • Mozart Bumpersticker


    BumperSticker: Mozart

    Inspire yourself and others and display this Mozartian wisdom to the world! Practice makes Awesome! 11"x3" and UV-coated for long lasting stick :-)

  • OperaWoman bumpersticker


    BumperSticker: PRACTICE!

    OperaWoman encourages you to Practice (a lot!) PERFORM with Gusto, and then back to the Practice room for you :-)   Bumperstickers for Musicians. You know you want one.

  • Marcato Bag by Kenneth Cole


    MARCATO Messenger Bag

    Marcato Musician's Messenger Bag Long wearing and durable Bonded PU Leather Musician’s Messenger bag Interior laptop and organization pockets makes staying organized on the go a snap! Our...

  • Music Folder LED Light clipped on folder


    Musician's Cordless LED Light

    Musician's Cordless LED Light  A MyMusicFolders original Don’t be left in the dark at your gig! Light-weight & small enough to carry in your gig bag. Twin LED cordless light, the two...

  • MyMusicFolders Steel Thermal Water Bottle


    Musician’s Best Water Bottle

    We love our new Musician's Water Bottle. This 17 ounce, 18/8 double-walled Stainless Steel thermal drink bottle is your best friend on the marching field or in the recital hall! We have tested it,...