Music Folders for Choir, Band, and Orchestra

Our music folders have gone to lunch with the Queen of England, supported cast members of the New York City Opera, and danced with Elvis in Las Vegas. Where can we go with you?

Folders that Make Performing Easier

We Make Music Folders That Make Performing Easier.

Make Performing Easier.

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Classroom Choir Folder

A Choral Folder that protects your sheet music. Value priced alternative. Embossing available. These folders are a beautiful alternative for choirs that memorize their music for performance. They are value priced and don’t have as many handy features as the Deluxe

MMF Pro Band/Swing Band Folder

A Professional Band Folder that holds a lot of sheet music. These professional band folders have extra large accordion pockets to hold loads of charts. The pockets are 1⅜" deep for almost 3" of music, compared to the Classroom Band Folder's ⅜" deep pockets. The Pro Band and Classroom Band folders are

Choral Folder - Royale

Our top of the line choral folder has a more ‘leather-like’ feel, high scratch resistance, and a more eco-friendly manufacturing process, made with polyurethane leatherette. The Royale choir folder has 12 octavo cords and comes with a simple-to-remove 5/8" 3 ring adaptor. The hand strap on the spine