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After developing several music folders for professional singers, our next venture was to improve on the basic two-pocket music folder for schools. Our CLASSROOM Music Folder series is known for its durable components and colors. Available in Red, Green, Blue, as well as concert Black, the Classroom Choir and Classroom Band/Orchestra folders are the favorite choice of music teacher and students across the US. We also have Bell Choir Folders, Professional Orchestra Folders, Swing Band Professional Folders, and a special folder for the accompanist!
Did you know that we are one of only a handful of US-based music folder companies? And, our folders are in-stock 95% of the time, which means no more waiting months to get folders!
We offer custom embossing – also called “hot foil stamping” or “gold foil imprinting” – on our music folders. Add your name, a group name, or a logo to your folders for a small fee.
Thank you for considering for your music filing and music organizing needs. We are happy to create a quote or send samples so that you can be confident you are getting the best music folders for your budget. Remember, Practice Makes Awesome!

Instrumental Folders

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  • The flaps at the top help to keep music from falling out if the folder is turned upside down.


    Professional Orchestra Folder

    Our Pro Orchestra music folder is a perfect blend of Euro design and practicality. Features These European style professional orchestra folders are sized to hold symphonic scores. Folders are 15" high and 12.25" wide (when closed, of course)...

  • MyMusicFolders

    Classroom Band/Orchestra Music Folder

    Classroom Band/Orchestra music folders, done in the classic style of sheet music folder: black, heavy duty, with metal corners, and pockets, sized for band and orchestra sheet music. Value priced alternative to the Pro Band Folder or Pro Orchestra...

  • MyMusicFolders

    Classroom Band/Orchestra Music Folder w front flap pocket

    Classroom Band/Orchestra music folders, done in the classic style of sheet music folder: black, heavy duty, with metal corners, and pockets, sized for band and orchestra sheet music. Pockets aren't as deep as the Pro Band Folder and the...

  • BASIK Music Folder with reinforced metal corners and pockets for sheet music


    BASIK 2-Pocket Music Folder

    The BASIK 2-Pocket Music Folders are a low cost alternative to our premium quality MyMusicFolders Classroom Folders.  These folders are like the classic two pocket music folder. They have a pebbled textured cover and are made of paperboard,...

  • MyMusicFolders

    Pro Band/Swing Band Folder

    Specially designed to hold loads of charts Extra deep pockets Hanging pencil pocket Durable 3mm hardboard   A Band Music Folder that holds a lot of sheet music. Features These professional band folders have extra large accordion...

  • MyMusicFolders

    Handbell Choir Folder

    Bell Choir Folder Stands on its own Single hand 3-ring release Clear pocket for notes Edges are nicely finished and smooth Our Handbell Choir music folder is made of the same durable leatherette cover boards as our other best-selling folders...

  • MyMusicFolders

    Accompanist/Conductor Music Folder

    Both your accompanist & conductor deserve a nice folder as well! The Accompanist/Conductor music folder opens entirely flat on stand or keyboard, and features 2 full expandable pockets, 2 pencil holders, a name card & sleeve, and a permanently...

  • Replacement Brass Corner protectors


    Replacement BRASS Corner Protectors (set of 5)

    Have you lost your Brass? Stay # !! Brass plated over durable steel, with super-strong gripper teeth, these Band Folder corner protectors do the job. Make your folder all shiny again :-) 4, plus a back-up - and easy instructions. Set of 5

  • Deluxe folder with 2 embossing placements

    MyMusicFolders Music Folder SECONDS

    Music Folder - Second Quality 50% OFF Base Price.  No Quantity Discounts or Educator Discount available. These folders are perfect in every way, but usually have a superficial blemish or a mis-imprinted embossing somewhere on the folder. Some...