Get in the the VocalZone! How do singers cope with colds, coughs, and phlegm

Get in the the VocalZone! How do singers cope with colds, coughs, and phlegm

Posted by Robbin Roshi Rose on May 1st 2019

I recently woke up the day before a really big performance with phlegm-flurious sinuses. Ergh!! 

Thankfully, I have learned a few tricks that really help in this situation. Here is the formula, note the repeat signs!!

II: Supplement, SteamRest, Hydrate :II 

First, I made a pot of tea, and took 2000 mg of Vitamin C. (per Dr. Anthony Jahn's protocol - dividing 4,000 mg of vitamin C over 24 hours can really help slow/reverse the progression of the viral replication). I also took some Olive Leaf-Arabinoglactin (which is a potent anti-viral combination I was recommended years ago by my naturopath) and then I drew a hot bath and added about a cup of Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts with eucalyptus and lavender, and spent a good 20 minutes just soaking in the steam and scent. This helped open my sinuses, and gave me some quiet meditative moments, between coughing, to think through how to get well enough to sing through the 2 hour concert the following evening. 

After my bath, I re arranged my schedule so that I could rest both body and voice for the remainder of the day. 

Supplement - Do what works for you - I listed my tried-and-true helpers (above) In addition, in this case where I had to sing, I also took Mucinex 4 hours before singing so that I could be mostly mucus-free for the performance, along with 16 oz. of water to combat some of the drying effect of the medicine. I also had VocalZone pastilles at the ready. If you have not used these, they are little miracle workers that I keep in my music folder at all times!

Steam - if you have access to a sauna or steam shower, now is the time to use it twice a day! A hot steamy bath with epsom salts is a good alternative. If you have a tub with a shower curtain, close the curtain while soaking to enclose yourself in the steam. Get your body as warm as you can tolerate, and inhale the moist steam to help strengthen and open your lungs.

Rest - After your bath, cuddle up with your heating pad & take a nap. Rest without distraction (no reading/tv/computer screen). 

Hydrate - drink lots of clear fluids to thin & move mucus out of your system. My favorite choices include Holy Basil (Tulsi) tea, bone broth, or a refreshing sparkling water with a drop of lemon or mint oil.  No dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol.

By day two (the day of the concert) I was feeling better, and that evening, I sang with both ensembles on the 2 hour program, along with an extended solo in one piece. Then I went home and slept some more!