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Band is Horrible is a sarcastic card game for band nerds and band teachers.

Band is life, and sometimes that sucks. Let’s play cards.
There are so many things about marching band that are horrible. Trombone lube. The gymnacafetorium. An unintentionally offensive drum major salute. A piccolo player who can't even. That glorious sock tan.

These are the moments that lead to priceless memories and costly therapy. Relive them all when you play Band Is Horrible, the inaugural card game from Truly Horrible Things.

Game play is simple
Each round the "judge" will read a question card like: "Why is the director crying?" or "Why is my chair wet?”

Each player selects their best answer from their hand. Then the judge reads them aloud and picks the winner. The next round starts and the judge changes to the next player. The game can be quick with a few hands or last for hours!

Who should play it?
Band Is Horrible was written by high school band directors and is appropriate for high school choir students but will be enjoyed even more by their directors.


Get a few sets to keep the kids occupied when they are hanging out in the band room before school. You've got stuff to do.

Game Details & Specifications

  • 396 high quality, 300 gsm, glossy question and answer cards
  • contained in a sturdy, 2-piece box
  • 3 unique cards - Blind Hand, Don't React, and Lucky Card
  • 6 blank cards you may personalize however you want
  • game dimensions: 8” x 4” x 2”, 29 oz
  • contains no profanity or sexually explicit descriptions. That said, phrases like “double-tonguing” are native to band speakers, so interpretation is up to you
  • for ages 14 and up



Question Cards
My band excels at _____.
You can always find _____ in the drum room.
My director will not tolerate _____.
The performance really went downhill after _____.

Answer cards
falling down the bleachers
valve oil...lots of valve oil
a chipped reed
a water bottle full of woodwind tears

fingering your parts



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