Choirs Are Horrible! Card Game

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Choirs Are Horrible, and we can prove it.

A much-needed card game for people who take choir too seriously.

Because as awesome as choir is, it's also kind of horrible

Bass notes you can only hit during allergy season. Illegal photocopies of music. Singing with so much phlegm your throat is like a flute filled with gravy.


Celebrate all the things that make choir special in this hilarious and snarky card game for die-hard choir geeks!


Game play is simple

Each round the "judge" will read a question card like: "What's the fastest way to ruin a performance?" or "My director will not tolerate ____."


Each player selects their best answer from their hand. Then judge reads them aloud and picks the winner. The next round starts and the judge changes to the next player. The game can be quick with a few hands or last for hours!


Who should play it?

Choirs Are Horrible was written in part by high school choir directors, and is appropriate for high school choir students, but will be enjoyed even more by their directors.


Get a few sets to keep the kids occupied when they are hanging out in the choir room at lunch, instead of doing drugs. It's that good, and you might save a life.


Game Details & Specifications

  • 396 high quality, 300 gsm, glossy question and answer cards
  • contained in a sturdy, 2-piece box
  • 3 unique cards - Blind Hand, Don't React, and Lucky Card
  • 6 blank cards you may personalize however you want
  • game dimensions: 8” x 4” x 2”, 29 oz
  • contains no profanity or sexually explicit descriptions
  • for ages 14 and up




Question Cards

OMG! I found _____ in the back of my music folder.  

70% of sopranos admit to having trouble with _____.

I’m late for rehearsal because of _____.         

The choir risers are filled with _____.              

My choir director won the lottery and blew it all on _____.      


Answer cards

Castrati for Dummies

Eric Whitacre’s hair

A nuanced criticism from the director

Every tenor ever

Faking it



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