3 Ring Adapters - extras to hold a second set of sheet music

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Replacement three ring adapters for the Deluxe or Royale choir folders.

Can also be used to upgrade your Standard Choir folders or Choral Performer folders.

Some singers who sing in more than one choir keep a second set of music in an extra three ring adapter.

These three ring adapters come in 3 different sizes: 5/8" ring size, 3/4" ring size, or 1" ring size (measurements are inside diameter).

1" ring adapters are very large! They will only fit in the Royale choral folders, and even then the folder won't quite close all the way. 1" three ring adapters are only for those who need a LOT of room. For most people it is better to have two regular sized three ring adapters, and to swap them out at intermission. Doing it this way saves a lot of weight in the folder, too, and gives your arm a break.

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