MyStandard Black Choral Folder

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90-Day warranty against manufacturer's defects


90-Day warranty against manufacturer's defects


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From the makers of the original MyDeluxe black choir folder also comes the original MyStandard black choral folder, newly updated to be even lighter and trimmer. Long lasting, durable, comfortable. Simple to use, holds sheet music for performance or rehearsal. Guaranteed best quality, designed to last for years.

This is "THE BLACK FOLDER" designed by Andrew Black with a few up dated features.


Easy to hold securely with one hand using the hand strap across the back spine combined with the stabilizing strap across the bottom. The hand strap fits both right handed and left handed singers.

The bottom strap has two snap positions to keep your new folder open: 90 degrees and 110 degrees. If room on the risers is tight, use the 90 deg. snap, which keeps the folder open at 90 deg. If not, spread out a bit wider with the 110 deg. snap as space allows. The detachable bottom strap also keeps loose music and music books from sliding out of the bottom of the folder. (Please note when comparing with other manufacturers that every one of our bottom straps can be unsnapped. And every one has two snap positions.)

The MyStandard black choral folder uses the time tested durable metal hinge made from lightweight aluminum. MyStandard black choral folders weigh only 14 ounces. The folder measures 10 ¼" by 12 ½" when closed. The spine is curved which makes the folder more comfortable for your hand.

The MyStandard black choral folder comes with 8 octavo cords. It has 2 pencil loops (1 is stretchy elastic - useful for extra eyeglasses or what have you!). We include a name card pocket with a blank card on every folder for easy identification. A standard business card will fit perfectly. Two accordion pockets hold loose sheet music.

Extra sets of elastic cords are available separately. If you think you will need more, it's better to buy them at the same time with your folder and save frustration later, and the cost of extra freight.

If you are looking for a folder with a three ring adapter, check out the MyDeluxe Choir Folder, MyChoir Binder, and the Royale Choral Folder or Maestro.

Personalize your choir folder by adding custom logos or names. This customization option allows you to create a unique, professional identity for your ensemble.
Add your name, group name, numbering, or logo imprinted on your folders - see customization details here.

Whether you're a dedicated choir member, conductor, or music director,  MyStandard Choir Folder is an essential tool to enhance your  performances. Designed with practicality and style in mind, this black choral music folder effortlessly combines functionality and aesthetics, reflecting the professionalism and passion of your musical pursuits.


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