Choir Folder Octavo Holders (sets of 10)

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SET of 10 Octavo Music Holders

These octavo holders are used to secure your sheet music octavos in three ring binders in Deluxe Choir Folders, ChoirBinder, or Royale Choral Folders without hole punching them.

Set of 10 for $7.95.

Keeping octavos in music folders prevents their covers from getting bent or damaged by sweaty palms.

Using octavo holders makes it easier to handle them inside the music folders during concerts and rehearsals.

If the piece of music is not needed for a performance, you can just unclip the octavo holder from the three ring binder.

To use, simply slide the pages of your octavo through the wide slot with the holes facing toward the back of the octavo. When the flat octavo holder is at the center of your book, you'll be able to clip it in the three ring adapter of your music folder.

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