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  • Add a custom logo. We will make a magnesium-aluminum die plate with the image of your logo on it. We will keep it on file for any future orders you might make. There is a one-time $45 charge for making this. We require high quality black-and-white art work for the die making process. If you do not have that we offer graphic services to help achieve a good image. Our services are $65/hour. We also recommend an art service online at They can often fix up your logo so it is a black-and-white vector graphic, perfect for making a die. Vector graphics are much preferred for this purpose. If you have access to a graphics professional, please specify a vector file.

Please order the quantity of embossing that you want folders embossed. i.e. if you just ordered 20 folders and you want them all embossed, put 20 embossings in your cart now.
  • Example of Logo : Episcopal School, on a choir folder (note the hand strap rivet )
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Add Gold Foil Embossing of Your Custom Logo - please upload digital art (see details on the folder product page), 

The same on every folder - your School, Church, Group logo or crest. 

Most often placed Front Middle Center, although can be placed elsewhere on folder.

Embossing is now ordered from the folder's product page. Please look for the embossing option and a dropdown menu on the folder pages where we offer this service.


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