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Music Accessories and Gifts for Music Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift or accessory for the music aficionado in your life? Explore our collection of music related gifts , from unique music-themed decor to personalized music teacher gifts. Your search for the extraordinary ends here – shop now to hit the right note!

Music Accessories & Gifts

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  • Theater is Tragic Directors Pack

    Truly Horrible Things

    Theater is Tragic! - DIRECTORS Only! Expansion Deck

    Directors can be horrible people Who can blame them? They have to deal with that one damn freshman. They have to wait (hopefully) until after school hours to get "director drunk".   This red-band expansion deck is meant to be shuffled into the main...

  • Theater is Tragic BOX

    Truly Horrible Things

    Theatre Is Tragic! Card Game

    You’re not a drama queen, you’re a drama hero A smelly costume. Unblended make up. Being tricked into naming the Scottish play. So many things about the thing we love are terrible things. So hey, why not play cards?   Game play is simple...

  • Contemp Acappella Expansion Deck

    Truly Horrible Things

    Choirs Are Horrible: Contemporary A Cappella Expansion Deck

    Ahhhhhhh Cappella? A perfect expansion deck for the Choirs Are Horrible card game as kids hang out in classrooms, tours or when waiting while they figure out where the feedback is coming from.   Expansion Deck Details & Specifications 54 high...

  • Choir Director's Expansion Pack

    Truly Horrible Things

    Choirs Are Horrible! - DIRECTORS Only! Expansion Deck

    A horrible expansion for a horrible game Choir directors, we know your singers are why you love what you do, and that they're also why you drink.   This red-band, 54-card expansion deck is meant to be shuffled into the main card game to create a...

  • black standaconda stabilizer on stand shaft

    Standaconda Music Stand Stabilizers

    Don't replace your stands, support them with the Standaconda Music Stand Stabilizer ! Invented by a music educator who was tired of getting the "sliding stand". We have all been there - dealing with the music stand with aging issues.  Over...

    $10.00 - $200.00
  • Ring Adaptors for hole-punched sheet music


    3 Ring Adapters - extras to hold a second set of sheet music

    Replacement ring adapters for MyMusicFolders branded folders : the Deluxe or Royale choir folders. Can also be used to upgrade your Standard Choir folders or Choral Performer folders. Some singers who sing in more than one choir keep a second set of...

  • Loops fit over 1 or more "fingers" in the spine of your folder.
Use 2 loops to secure a 3 ring set into a folder (at the top and bottom)


    MMF elastic loop for 3-ring

    Folder - elastic loop for 3-ring So, you took out the 3 ring adaptor and now you want to reattach it but you lost your loops?! Here they are - better get 4 so you have a back up set for next time..... Price is per 1 figure-8 loop

  • Replacement Brass Corner protectors


    Replacement BRASS Corner Protectors (set of 5)

    Have you lost your Brass? Stay # !! Brass plated over durable steel, with super-strong gripper teeth, these Band Folder corner protectors do the job. Make your folder all shiny again :-) 4, plus a back-up - and easy instructions. Set of 5

  • Choir Folder Octavo Holders (sets of 10)


    Choir Folder Octavo Holders (sets of 10)

    SET of 10 Octavo Music Holders Octavo holders are used to secure your octavo sheet music in three ring adaptors in Deluxe Choir Folders, ChoirBinder, or Royale Choral Folders without having to hole-punch them. Set of 10 for $9.95. Keeping octavos in...

  • 3x5 Clear Vinyl Sleeve (Index Card)


    MMF Press-On Vinyl Envelopes

    Press-On Vinyl Envelopes 3"H x 5"W (Index Card size) opening on the 3" side OR   2"Hx3.5"H (Business Card size) opening on the 2" size   Customize your music folder with clear pockets everywhere!! These vinyl pockets can permanently...

  • Choirs Are Horrible 3rd Ed. Box Cover

    Truly Horrible Things

    Choirs Are Horrible! Card Game

    Choirs Are Horrible, and we can prove it. A much-needed card game for people who take choir too seriously. Because as awesome as choir is, it's also kind of horrible Bass notes you can only hit during allergy season. Illegal photocopies of music. Singing...

  • Band is Horrible Box cover

    Truly Horrible Things

    Band is Horrible! Card Game

    Band is Horrible is a sarcastic card game for band nerds and band teachers. Band is life, and sometimes that sucks. Let’s play cards.There are so many things about marching band that are horrible. Trombone lube. The gymnacafetorium. An...

  • Band is Horrible - Directors Expansions Pk

    Truly Horrible Things

    Band is Horrible! - DIRECTORS Only! Expansion Deck

    Band Is Horrible - Director's Expansion Pack. More Snark, Less Trumpet, Please! Let's just say it: band directors can be horrible people. Who can blame them? They have to deal with that one damn freshman. They have to figure out why that mute is sticky...

  • Musical Dominoes


    Musical Dominoes

    Classic dominoes game with a twist - musical notes and symbols instead of numbers. Invented in 1893, these were an instant hit with society hostesses holding musical dominoes parties for cultured guests. Perfect for teaching musical theory too! Although...

  • Treble Gig Bag


    Treble Gig Bag

    This musician's gig bag is the perfect size for a hectic rehearsal day, or a gig-away. Large enough to hold our choir and band folders, water bottles, cough drops, pencils, sticky notes and tabs, and our wallets and phones. A padded, zippered inner...

  • Marcato Bag by Kenneth Cole


    MARCATO Messenger Bag

    Marcato Musician's Messenger Bag Long wearing and durable Bonded PU Leather Musician’s Messenger bag Interior laptop and organization pockets makes staying organized on the go a snap! Our Marcato Messenger Bag is a multi-functioning messenger bag...

  • Mozart Bumpersticker


    BumperSticker: Mozart

    Inspire yourself and others and display this Mozartian wisdom to the world! Practice makes Awesome! 11"x3" and UV-coated for long lasting stick :-)

  • OperaWoman bumpersticker


    BumperSticker: PRACTICE!

    OperaWoman encourages you to Practice (a lot!) PERFORM with Gusto, and then back to the Practice room for you :-)   Bumperstickers for Musicians. You know you want one.

  • Music Folder LED Light clipped on folder


    Musician's Cordless LED Light

    Musician's Cordless LED Light  A MyMusicFolders original Don’t be left in the dark at your gig! Light-weight & small enough to carry in your gig bag. Twin LED cordless light, the two heads magnetically clips together to use for single beam...

  • MyMusicFolders Steel Thermal Water Bottle


    Musician’s Best Water Bottle

    We love our new Musician's Water Bottle. This 17 ounce, 18/8 double-walled Stainless Steel thermal drink bottle is your best friend on the marching field or in the recital hall! We have tested it, and it really does keep liquids hot for 12 hours or cold...

  • JDavis Raku Rattle - Special Edition: MUSIC

    JDavis Studio

    JDavis Raku Rattle - Special Edition: MUSIC

      A gift of beauty - Shake this small treasure every day to remind you to Be Mindful & Remember Music is all around you! This smooth, heart-shaped Raku InnerSpirit rattle is beautiful in its simplicity and serves as a touchstone that...

  • Black Mozart Silk bow Tie


    Handpainted SILK Bow Tie: Mozart Manuscript Black & Cream

    Handpainted Mozart Themed Silk Bow Tie: Mozart Manuscript in Black & Cream 100% Pure Silk Bow Tie with Mozart's handwritten signature & music manuscript.  Get Dapper! Made in England, comes gift boxed.

  • Mozart Silk Tie - Black & Cream


    Handpainted SILK Tie : Mozart Score, Black & Cream

    A most cleverly composed tie combining the luxury of silk with the genius of Mozart Featuring Mozart music score design printed in gold on black silk background Made in England of 100% Silk