Choir Folders and Binders

Many styles to choose from. Lightweight, 3-ring, elastics, performing, and classroom. Experience harmony in organization with our exquisite choral folders and choir music binders. My Music Folders provides a selection that resonates with choirs of all sizes and types. Elevate your choir's professionalism with our beautiful, functional choir folders.

Choral Folders

  • Detachable bottom strap allows for adjustable opening angle


    Choral Folder - Royale

    Our top of the line choral folder has a more ‘leather-like’ feel, high scratch resistance, and a more eco-friendly manufacturing process, made with polyurethane leatherette. The Royale choir folder has 12 octavo cords and comes with a...

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  • Choir Folder with Hand Strap


    MyDeluxe Choir Folder

    A music folder with some handy features, a new and updated version of the original Deluxe Choir Folder. NEW Adjustable hand strap for easy one handed holding Three ring adaptor and Elastic Cords NEW 3-ring attacher makes removing 3-ring a...

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