PROTECT your Students and your Families: Sanitizing your Music Classroom:  Instruments & Folders (COVID19 Help)

PROTECT your Students and your Families: Sanitizing your Music Classroom: Instruments & Folders (COVID19 Help)

Posted by Robbin Roshi Rose on Apr 4th 2020

Today is April 4th 2020 and here in Montana, we have been on #StayHome orders from the governor for more than a week now. With non-essential businesses shuttered, Jon and I have been thinking of all of the music making we have enjoyed over the years with friends far and near and hoping that we can provide some solutions to Covid-19 cleaning that we are now all up against.

A couple of years ago, Jon read about the Force of Nature system and ordered a kit. We have used it at home with great success, and recently made a little video for you to see how we use it to clean and disinfect our instruments, folders, and many other personal items.

One of the most important issues today in our homes and in our classrooms when we return to them, is how to Disinfect and Clean in a way that can be consistent as well as thorough, but non-toxic and non-allergenic. The ingredients in Force of Nature are simple: salt, vinegar, and tap water are electrolyzed in the base unit, and can then be used as a cleaning spray or solution with no need to rinse.

We believe that every teacher needs this in their classroom – Music teachers will especially appreciate that it will clean instruments without harm, hard surfaces, chairs, music stands, desks & tables. And it is incredibly cost effective! Robbin keeps a spray bottle in the kitchen, and has even poured the solution into a baggie filled with halved paper towel pieces, for quick “wipes” on the go. Because it is non-toxic, you can use it to clean humidifiers (spray, then shake into all crevices) and even use as a quick hand sanitizing spray!

We believe in Force of Nature so much that we have partnered with them to help you get your Starter Kits at a significant savings, and while you are there, sign up for the Subscribe & Save auto shipment for the refill capsules.

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let’s #StayClean!

Hospital-Grade Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Force of Nature is an EPA-registered disinfectant & sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs*, including Staph, MRSA, Norovirus, Influenza A, Salmonella, and Listeria when used as directed.

It’s on EPA’s list of Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19

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