RESONANCE Singer's Mask with disposable biofilters

  • Black Resonance mask facing R
  • primary RESONANCE image
  • Face Mask Sizing Guideline
  • Soft comfortable bands go around the head, not the ears
  • Profile looking right
  • Front - depth of frame
  • Wear & Care Instructions
  • JarWash Method 02.2021
  • Colorado State TEST results: Resonance 3 layer mask
  • Filter Inserted in Mask
  • Resonance Singer's Mask Demo from MyMusicFolders
  • Resonance singer's mask /PPE for Musicians
  • Let's Keep the World Singing: with Bernie & MyMusicFolders
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Returns of unopened products only. Due to the nature of hygiene products, no ret…


Returns of unopened products only. Due to the nature of hygiene products, no returns of opened products are accepted.





RESONANCE Singer's Masks are in stock in All Sizes and both black or White, & shipping within one work day of ordering.



This is the mask specifically designed for singers that everyone is talking about. It's great for others too who need a way to breathe more freely & comfortably while remaining compliant with current safety requirements.

This revolutionary mask has an internal structure that keeps it away from the lips and mouth so you can draw a deep breath without sucking in your mask.

With darts at the chin and nose it won't fall off or gap when you open wide to sing ahhh or ohhh vowels.

Additionally the nose panel has a long double wire and silicone seal to form gently over any nose, and stay put. The gusset at the nose allows for movement of the jaw without the mask coming off the nose.

The RESONANCE Mask is made of very high thread-count cotton outer shell, with a wicking, technical knit polyester on the inside, knit with bamboo charcoal that is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. An inner layer of washable, non-woven polypropylene filter material is sandwiched between the lining and outer cover. The mask is trimmed with soft lingerie elastic.

Each mask is packaged, along with 3 of the disposable filters, in a re-usable heavy-duty zip top bag with laundering and wearing instructions printed on it. This carry bag is intended to provide an easy, hygienic way to transport the mask, or carry in a folder, without cross contamination.


Interested in what singing in the RESONANCE Mask is like? See demonstration including spectral analysis of acoustic qualities of vocal clarity at this YouTube video: (note; the actual demo starts at about 4:20)


Read more about our RESONANCE Mask testing and  use, on our blog.  


Extra disposable filters are available in 30-pack or boxes of 200, sized to fit for your new mask.

Scroll through the images to find out how to JAR-WASH your mask

Returns of unopened products only. Due to the nature of hygiene products, no returns of opened products are accepted.

Masks are part of the strategies, along with distancing, time management, and air replacement, to help us sing together again in a safer manner. To the best of our abilities, we have followed current scientific & safety protocols in the materials and construction of our both Resonance Singers Masks and our Encore Daily Use Masks. 



Patent Pending

Here is a Sizing Chart, also available in product photos, below.
Click images to read about Wear & Care Instructions as well as testing results.
Returns/Exchanges on un-opened mask packages only. No Returns on used masks, due to sanitary concerns. 

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