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Returns of unopened products for 60 days after purchase. Due to the nature of …


Returns of unopened products for 60 days after purchase. Due to the nature of hygiene products, no returns of opened products are accepted.




Make your Voice Heard! Singers, Speakers, Teachers 

Size-by-Height Guide: 

Under 4’6”:  YOUTH Med

4'6" - 5'0": YOUTH Lg

5'0" - 5'3":  Adult Sm

5'3" - 5'10': Adult Med

5'10" and taller: Adult Lg

  • This mask does NOT require the use of additional or disposable filters.
  • Hand wash as necessary using the JarWash (10-minute soak, little to no agitation) method. Set mask aside, undisturbed, between uses to prolong the life of the components.
  • Lab test results for Resonance-95 mask appear in small images: click to enlarge. 
  • Returns of opened products cannot be accepted. Returns of unopened products accepted for 60 days from purchase.

The Resonance-95 mask is made of three layers, and includes a middle layer of non-woven polypropylene filtration fabric throughout the mask. We use rolled seams to enclose the middle filter layer and minimize unnecessary needle punctures. 

The Resonance-95 mask filters aerosols down to 0.2 microns with a 98-99% efficiency, and exceeds the new ASTM F3502-21 standards for Barrier Face Coverings. It also passes the Respirator N95 Precertification Tests conducted at Nelson Laboratories (Salt Lake City Utah). We will pursue full NIOSH N95 certification in the upcoming months and must submit samples from three consecutive production lots with passing results to achieve that certification.

In addition to filtration efficiency, mask “fit” is very important for protection. Our mask holds snugly to the face, extends under the chin, and seals completely across the upper cheeks and nose. Like our first-generation Resonance mask, there is a lightweight internal frame that holds the mask away from your nose and lips, and a slight gusset over the nose bridge that allows greater freedom of movement for tall vowels and rapid jaw and mouth movements necessary for good vocal production. A malleable wire extends across the whole width of the cheeks and nose along the top, with a silicone bead underneath so that you can achieve a good seal at the top of the mask that does not shift when singing or speaking. This helps with fogging glasses, and also contains exhaled aerosol particles (which may carry viral particles of an infected person).

The Resonance-95 mask is hand-washable and hang-to-dry. 
We recommend setting the mask aside, undisturbed, between uses and hand washing only when necessary using the JarWash method (soak for 10 minutes in hot soapy water, very little agitation) in order to prolong the integrity of the filter fabric that is layered within the mask. 

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