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Band is Horrible is a sarcastic card game for band nerds and band teachers.

There are so many things about marching band that are horrible.

Trombone lube. The gymnacafetorium. Being bisectional. An unintentionally offensive drum major salute. A piccolo player who can't even. That glorious sock tan. These are the moments that lead to priceless memories and costly therapy.

Relive them all when you play Band Is Horrible, a card game from Truly Horrible Things (the people that brought you Choirs Are Horrible!)

This game was written by high school band directors, and is meant to be enjoyed by high school band students, but will be enjoyed even more by their directors. Get a few sets to keep the kids occupied when they are hanging out in the band room before school. You've got stuff to do.

396 high-quality cards in a rigid two-piece box. Even if you spill your drink on them, they should be fine. Each set contains 6 blank answer cards to write your own smartass responses. There are 3 unique playing cards that completely insulate this game from litigation from Cards Against Humanity. Plus, they make it super fun.

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