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It's all fun and games until the Trombone slide gets stuck!

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  • Band is Horrible - disclaimer

    Truly Horrible Things

    Band is Horrible

    Band is Horrible is a sarcastic card game for band nerds and band teachers. There are so many things about marching band that are horrible. Trombone lube. The gymnacafetorium. Being bisectional. An unintentionally offensive drum major salute. A piccolo...

  • Choirs Are Horrible 3rd Ed. Box Cover

    Truly Horrible Things

    Choirs Are Horrible - 3rd Edition

    Choirs Are Horrible, and we can prove it. A much-needed card game for people who take choir too seriously. Because as awesome as choir is, it's also kind of horrible. Bass notes you can only hit during allergy season. Singing with so much phlegm your...

  • Band- DIRECTORS Expansion Pack

    Truly Horrible Things

    Band is Horrible - DIRECTORS Expansion Pack!

    Band Is Horrible - Director's Expansion Pack. More Snark, Less Trumpet, Please! Let's just say it: band directors can be horrible people. Who can blame them? They have to deal with that one drummer kid. They have to wonder... why is that mute...

  • OaA Cover

    Truly Horrible Things

    Orchestras Are Awful!

    Orchestras Are Awful is a sarcastic card game for players who are all too used to being in pits. Orchestras Are Awful is a question-answer card game played in the same basic style as Apples to Apples (™) or Cards Against Humanity (™). The...

  • Musical Dominoes


    Musical Dominoes

    Classic dominoes game with a twist - musical notes and symbols instead of numbers. Invented in 1893, these were an instant hit with society hostesses holding musical dominoes parties for cultured guests. Perfect for teaching musical theory...

  • Mozart Bumpersticker


    BumperSticker: Mozart

    Inspire yourself and others and display this Mozartian wisdom to the world! Practice makes Awesome! 11"x3" and UV-coated for long lasting stick :-)    

  • OperaWoman bumpersticker


    BumperSticker: PRACTICE!

    OperaWoman encourages you to Practice (a lot!) PERFORM with Gusto, and then back to the Practice room for you :-)   Bumperstickers for Musicians. You know you want one.

  • JDavis Raku Rattle - Special Edition: MUSIC

    JDavis Studio

    JDavis Raku Rattle - Special Edition: MUSIC

      A gift of beauty - Shake this small treasure every day to remind you to Be Mindful & Remember Music is all around you! This smooth, heart-shaped Raku InnerSpirit rattle is beautiful in its simplicity and serves as a touchstone that...

  • Choirs are Horrible is a snarky PG13 card game for singers.

    Choirs Are Horrible

    Choirs Are Horrible sold out in a big fat hurry. A new, 3rd edition is printed, it is now available on another page, which can be found here! It's even less expensive than the first edition. Wow.   This new card game is the definitive choir...