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  • Ring Adaptors for hole-punched sheet music


    3 Ring Adapters - extras to hold a second set of sheet music

    Replacement ring adapters for MyMusicFolders branded folders : the Deluxe or Royale choir folders. Can also be used to upgrade your Standard Choir folders or Choral Performer folders. Some singers who sing in more than one choir keep a second set of...

  • Loops fit over 1 or more "fingers" in the spine of your folder.
Use 2 loops to secure a 3 ring set into a folder (at the top and bottom)


    MMF elastic loop for 3-ring

    Folder - elastic loop for 3-ring So, you took out the 3 ring adaptor and now you want to reattach it but you lost your loops?! Here they are - better get 4 so you have a back up set for next time..... Price is per 1 figure-8 loop

  • Choir Folder Elastic Cords (set of 6)


    Choir Folder Elastic Cords (set of 6)

    Extra elastic bands for the Deluxe, Standard, Royale, Performer, and Anthem choir folders. Stretchy enough to fit most folders that hold music using the elastic cord system - throw out that long unwieldy cord in your old folder, and give it new life...

  • Replacement Brass Corner protectors


    Replacement BRASS Corner Protectors (set of 5)

    Have you lost your Brass? Stay # !! Brass plated over durable steel, with super-strong gripper teeth, these Band Folder corner protectors do the job. Make your folder all shiny again :-) 4, plus a back-up - and easy instructions. Set of 5

  • Choir Folder Octavo Holders (sets of 10)


    Choir Folder Octavo Holders (sets of 10)

    SET of 10 Octavo Music Holders Octavo holders are used to secure your octavo sheet music in three ring adaptors in Deluxe Choir Folders, ChoirBinder, or Royale Choral Folders without having to hole-punch them. Set of 10 for $9.95. Keeping octavos in...

  • 3x5 Clear Vinyl Sleeve (Index Card)


    MMF Press-On Vinyl Envelopes

    Press-On Vinyl Envelopes 3"H x 5"W (Index Card size) opening on the 3" side OR   2"Hx3.5"H (Business Card size) opening on the 2" size   Customize your music folder with clear pockets everywhere!! These vinyl pockets can...

  • Music Folder LED Light clipped on folder


    Musician's Cordless LED Light

    Musician's Cordless LED Light  A MyMusicFolders original Don’t be left in the dark at your gig! Light-weight & small enough to carry in your gig bag. Twin LED cordless light, the two heads magnetically clips together to use for single...

  • MyMusicFolders Steel Thermal Water Bottle


    Musician’s Best Water Bottle

    We love our new Musician's Water Bottle. This 17 ounce, 18/8 double-walled Stainless Steel thermal drink bottle is your best friend on the marching field or in the recital hall! We have tested it, and it really does keep liquids hot for 12 hours or cold...