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Illuminated Music Stand

A Special Product Recommendation from My Music Folders.

  • 40 LED lights.
  • Built-in dimmer.
  • Evenly lights your music from top to bottom.

Triplet Music Stand Light Special Offer

We watched this video and got so excited that we had to get this music light. Now we can't believe we ever got along without it.

Finally, we can see the whole score. "See music in a new light." Totally true.

With 40 LEDs using Triplet's Light Shaping Technology™ you can light your music perfectly. The Chamber Music stand is the only self-lighting music stand that lights music from the bottom or top of the page.  The Chamber Music model is reversible! Consistent light from side to side and top to bottom. Built-in dimmer.

We've never endorsed another company's product before, but we love this stand so much we called Triplet to see if we could tell our customers about it.

We've even tried to create our own music lights. Over the years, Jon worked with designers and engineers to try to create a music light that stood out from the crowd, but never was able to come up with a unique solution. But this product from Triplet Light is a truly innovative product and we feel this will revolutionize performance lighting.

The Triplet Light is mounted on a high quality steel music stand. It's designed for portability with the needs of chamber music and gigging musicians in mind. Include an extra Lower Ledge on your order to add on when in reversible position.

  • Three Music Light Stands
  • Triplet Stand Light Illuminates Music Evenly

Triplet Lights are ideal for musicians and technical production staff alike. They solve key stage and lighting technical issues that have plagued us all forever. The end of complaints from musicians, audience and production professionals is finally here!

Cool to the touch with low power consumption. No more scorching your fingers on clamp lamps.

High quality LEDs are rated for 75,000 hours useful life. That would be 69 years if used 3 hours a day 7 days a week!

No maintenance or bulb replacement.

Light is contained on the music, meaning virtually no spillage in any direction. Glare is drastically reduced.

Patented under US 8733961 with patents pending worldwide.

  • Read Music On Darkened Stage
  • Triplet Stand Light Illuminates Music Evenly

“This is the most effective, unobtrusive stand light I have used in 20 years working in orchestras"

"This stand is a conductor's dream! The music is lit clearly over the entire page, and it's easy to turn even the largest score -- no fighting with cords or goose-necks. I love conducting from a Triplet Light stand."

"Just wanted to let you know the Triplet stands were the perfect solution for the uOttawa Orchestra last Friday Oct. 25 at St. Brigid's Centre for the Arts. Our principals all had the Triplet stands for the first time and it completely solved the lighting issues that we have had. Love the product can't say enough good things about it."

“We have been searching for a stand light solution for years that provides consistent light across the stand while also providing enough brightness to compete with stage lighting. We compared many different brands and models but the Triplet Light blew everything else out of the water. It was astonishing how much better these lights were than the competition, and the orchestra members couldn’t say enough good things about them!”

Free Triplet Bonus Offer

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Leather Light Stand Carry bag

Chamber Stand Carry-All

The classic black Carry-All gig bag fits two Triplet music stand Back Panels with Light Bars plus all accessories and music folders. Pockets for necessities and handy shoulder strap.

Get the Chamber Music Stand, and Carry-All for $139.99

Order Music Stand Light Here

Currently backordered. Call for availability.

"Every music stand is it's own perfectly lighted stage."

The Chamber Music Stand has been selling for $329 CAD, but you can get them today for only $139.99 USD plus shipping.

BONUS - a Free Chamber Stand Carry-All

"This is one amazing light/stand combination! As working musicians, we have endured all sorts of insufficient lighting situations over the years. Triplet Lights has solved so many issues with an elegant design and efficiency of light!" Robbin Rose

Order Music Stand Light here

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The Triplet Chamber Music Stand makes performing easier because you can see your music clearly even on a dark stage.