Deluxe Choir Folders

A Choir Folder that makes singing easier. Holds music securely. Holds with one hand.

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  • Clear vinyl window holds performance notes. Bottom strap un-snaps.
  • Removable three ring adapter AND 8 Octavo cords and to hold sheet music securely in concert.
  • Bottom strap and fabric hand strap make it easy to hold the Deluxe Choir Folder with one hand.

Deluxe Choir Music Folders

The original Deluxe Choir Folder. Not sold anywhere else. All features included for one price.

A classic, updated to be lighter, still has the same handy features.

Deluxe Choir Folders are premium quality music folders for singers, used to hold sheet music for performance and rehearsal. They are very well built and tend to last for several years.

The hand strap on the spine and stabilizing strap on the bottom make the folder easy to hold securely with one hand.

The bottom strap is detachable.

The hand strap fits both right handed, and left handed singers.

The Deluxe Choir Folder has 8 octavo cords and a simple-to-remove 3 ring adapter. Get an extra three ring adapter to hold a second set of sheet music.

Clear pocket for program notes.

NEW! Now the Deluxe has two pencil sleeves. One loop is even stretchy enough to hold over sized mechanical pencils or slip an extra pair of reading glasses in your folder!

The bottom strap can un-snap, and has two snap positions: 90 degrees and 110 degrees. If room on the risers is tight, use the 90 deg. snap, which keeps the folder open at 90 deg. or spread out a bit wider with the 110 deg. snap.

The bottom strap also keeps loose music and music books from sliding out of the bottom of the folder.

Durable metal hinge is lightweight. Deluxe Choir Folders weigh only 17 ounces

Deluxe Folders measure 11" by 13" when closed.

The spine is curved which makes the folder more comfortable for your hand.

The three ring adapter is easier to remove and re-attach thanks to the new elastics design.

The Deluxe is similar to the Standard Choir Folder, but with all the options added. This is the Deluxe version!

Our Octavo Holders clip into the three ring binder and keep mid-sized scores secure.

Deluxe Choir Folders

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Deluxe Black Choir Music Folders with some handy features. Holds sheet music securely. Holds with one hand.